1. Getting Started

Getting Started

OVERVIEW The overview will cover the basics of getting your ServCraft account set up and will put you in a great position to feel the power of ServCraft quickly. Whether you like to  try things yourself first or prefer a helping hand, these steps are a quick and easy place to start. First things first, let’s get your settings ready.


These are the basic settings that will get your account set up for success. Settings can be accessed at the bottom of the side menu by clicking Settings. You must have the correct permissions to access certain settings.

Step 1: Add company info — Add or edit company information that customers will see on messages, quotes and invoices, such as your company name, phone number, email, address and your company logo. Click Here (~ 5 minutes)

Step 2: Add Team Members — Have your whole team connected and working in sync. Set up how they will receive notifications from the system.  To learn how to create an employee Click Here (~ 5 – 10 minutes)

Step 3: Understand Permissions — Not all employees in ServCraft are the same. Choose what they can see and edit by setting relevant permissions. Click Here (~ 5 Minutes)

Step 4: Import Customers and Inventory — Load all your customer and inventory into ServCraft to optimize your jobs and accelerate quoting and invoicing. To import Customers Click Here. To import Inventory Click Here. (~ 20 Minutes)

Step 5: Get the ServCraft App — Download the app so your team can view their Jobs and Schedules and log all work done onsite. Available on Play Store, Apple Store and App Gallery.

Step 6: Create your first Job  — Create a Job to allocate to your team and to keep track of work done at customers. Click Here (~ 5 Minutes)

Step 7: Create your first Quote — Create a quote to let a customer know the cost of work that they want done. Click Here (~ 5 Minutes)

Step 8: Create your first Schedule — Schedule work for your team to see what is planned for their day and keep customers notified of when they can expect you. Click Here (~ 5 Minutes)

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