1. How to create inventory

How to create inventory

Create Inventory:

  1. Select Inventory from the side menu.
  2. Select Inventory List in the drop down.
  3. Select Create on the top right corner.
  4. Fill in a Description for the inventory.
  5. In the Inventory Category selector and select the relevant category.
  6. In the Inventory Subcategory and select the relevant category.
  7. Set a Stock Type for the Inventory. This will be a Product, Part or Service.
  8. Fill in the warranty period in months.
  9. You can leave the quantity as 0. This field is used for integration purposes.
  10. In the Supplier selector start typing to select a supplier or add a new one.
  11. Fill in the Cost Price.
  12. Fill in the List Price.
  13. Click Create Inventory to complete the process.
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