1. How to import inventory

How to import inventory




Keep track of inventory details whether you’re at the office, on the way to a job, or out in the field. Use these on jobs, quotes, invoices and purchases

You can import your inventory into ServCraft quickly by doing an excel import, rather than manually adding inventory one-by-one.

We will cover how to import inventory from an excel spreadsheet. However, it is also possible to sync inventory into ServCraft from Xero, QuickBooks or Sage Online. If you already have inventory in any of these online systems, to avoid creating duplicate inventory it’s best to first switch on an integration and do a sync from them to bring those inventory into ServCraft.



Note: Don’t remove any columns from the template, you can leave the non-required columns blank if it does not apply to you.

These are the fields that we can import via the spreadsheet. Set up each of these fields as a column header to import data into these fields:

  • CustomerCode 
  • Code (If you leave this blank, ServCraft will auto generate a code for you)
  • Description
  • Category
  • Subcategory
  • Type (Either Product, Part or Service. Empty will default to Product)
  • SupplierName
  • Quantity
  • CostPrice
  • ListPrice
  • WarrantyPeriod (This is the period in Months. E.g 12 or 24)
  • IsSerializable
  • IsActive (Set to False to deactivate or leave blank will default to True)
  • OverrideCode (If the inventory code is specified in the import and if this cell is set to true, then the code specified will override the inventory’s code of the first match that is found on the description. However, if the code already exists, this setting will be ignored. Defaulted to False)

Tip: Check out our sample file to use as a guide.



To import your Inventory list, go into Inventory, Inventory List and in the top right corner, click the Import button. Then click the Choose File button.

Browse and select the file you want to import. Once selected click the Import File button.

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