1. How to schedule appointments

How to schedule appointments

Schedule an Appointment:

  1. Select Appointments from the side menu.
  2. Click on the Calendar a slot where you would like to schedule a Job/Meeting
  3. Fill in the title.
  4. Select the Start Date as well as the Start and End Time.
  5. Set an Appointment Type for the appointment. 
  6. In the customer selector start typing to select a customer or add a new one.
  7. In the contact selector start typing to select a contact or add a new one.
  8. If the appointment requires a location, in the location selector start typing to select a location or add a new one.
  9. In the employee selector choose the employees responsible for the appointment (optional).
  10. Set a reminder in hours. This indicates how many hours before the appointment time a reminder will be sent. If you don’t want a reminder to be sent, set it to 0.
  11. Check if you want the employees to get a notification about this appointment.
  12. Check if you want the contact to get a notification about this appointment.
  13. Click Create to complete the process.

Schedule a Created Job:

  1. On the Calendar screen there will be a tab on the top left that says “Jobs”.
  2. When you click on Jobs it will bring all your created Jobs that are unscheduled by default.
  3. You can then click and hold on the job you want to schedule and then drag and drop to the slot you want.
  4. Confirm information that is added to the appointment.
  5. Click Create to complete the process.
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