1. Add triggers to statuses

Add triggers to statuses

Adding Triggers to Statuses:

  1. Select Settings from the side menu.
  2. Select Job->Statuses from the settings menu(opens this screen by default).
  3. Click on a Status to edit.
  4. To add a Trigger to the status, click on the block that says Triggers(0).
  5. Click New Trigger.
  6. Select the Job Type you want the trigger to activate when hitting this status.
  7. Select a Notification Type to send message to:
    1. Assigned Employee – to the technician assigned to Job.
    2. Customer Contacts – to all contacts for the customer.
    3. Customer Contact for Job Card – to the contact that is on the Job Card.
    4. Employee – to an employee of your choice.
    5. Employee All – to all of your employees.
  8. Select Email or SMS.
  9. Select the Template for the message you want to be sent.
  10. Attach any of the PDFs.
  11. If you would like more than one message to be sent for that status, you can click Add Another Action. This would allow you to send one message to the customer and also be able to send it to the technician or the office.
  12. Click Create to complete the process.
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