1. How to create triggers

How to create triggers

A trigger is a setting that allows you to create automated communication whenever an action is committed. For example, you can make a trigger that sends an email or SMS to your technician/employee when they are assigned to a Job Card or send an email or SMS to your customer to notify them of the job status.

  1. From the sidebar menu select Settings.
  2. Then select Triggers.
  3. On the top right click the Create Trigger button.
  4. In the Trigger Settings screen, select the Module for the trigger.
  5. Select the Trigger Rule for the action that needs to be committed to activate trigger.
  6. If there are Rule Settings options, select the appropriate rules for the trigger.
  7. In the Trigger Action section, select the Action Type for the trigger (For example, Communication) and choose to who to send the email/SMS.
  8. A trigger can have more than one action, and can add more by clicking on the Add Another Action button.
  9. Click Create Trigger to complete the process.
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